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    Rafeeq Gems

    Copper Turquoise Cabochon (Lab-Created)

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    This Chinese turquoise cabochon is perfect for creating unique jewelry and decorative pieces. Featuring natural semi-precious stone, it showcases a mesmerizing range of colors from pale blue to deep blue-green. Treasured for centuries for its beauty and durability, its hardness makes it ideal for crafting. Lab created turquoise complements this beautiful gemstone.

    100 Grams. ( Mix Shape & Size ) 45-47 Pieces

    200 Grams ( Mix Shape & Size )  90-92 Pieces
    500 Grams. ( Mix Shape & Size )  227-232 Pieces
    1000 Grams. ( Mix Shape & Size )  450-460 Pieces

    Code: RG22RD